Wednesday, December 28, 2011

When Baby Wakes Too Soon

When Baby Wakes Too Soon

From the bedroom back yonder, I hear a small cry.
I glance at the clock, and I breathe a big sigh.
I trudge down the hall for a peek through the door
At baby who thinks she can't sleep anymore.
Her hands are exploring the mattress's bumps;
One foot tests the air, while the other one thumps.
She coos to her teddy and plucks at her bib,
and then she spies me through the bars of her crib.
Her brown eyes grow sparkly; she doubles her grin
And hopes that her welcome will hasten me in.
And in that brief instant, I see in her eyes
The reason she thinks she must quickly arise...

Surely now, Mom, you have seen the day fly
As it hurries to follow the sun through the sky.
And you know there is more for my fingers to do
Than I'll ever get done before the day's through.
The hours grow older, and night chases noon...
How can you blame me for waking so soon?

- L.J. Martin

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

What a lovely moment, and you've captured it so well in your post!


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