Friday, December 28, 2012

Aromatherapy Dream Pillows

Another Christmas gift I made this year was aromatherapy Dream Pillows.
I had seen the idea online and was struck by how easy they were to make, and useful!
Herbs have been known for years as being therapeutic not only for their medicinal properties but for their smell as well.
I wanted to make pillows that could be easily slipped into a pillow-case, that was stuffed with loose, aromatic herbs to induce a calmer, quieter more restful sleep.
In these pillows I stuffed:
- Lavender
- Chamomile
- Rose Petals
- Calendula
- Mullien

I can't say I actually measured anything, just divided the herbs evenly then poured them into the bag. I didn't stuff it tightly or with anything else other than the herbs.
I wanted it to lie flat under the pillow and not be bulky or over-stuffed.
These ones I did just simply sew shut - however if you wanted to re-use your pillow, a line of velcro could easily be sewn onto the opening so you can refresh your herbs every few months.
I would really recommend using fabric such as cotton or linen, something that air can easily pass through.
Another benefit is that these dream pillows can also be put with children, to help promote sleep as well.
If you decide to do this however, I would make a pillow that cannot be opened, or placed on top of the mattress but under the fitted sheet so playful babies don't suck on it like another toy.

Sweet Dreams!

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