Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Little Felt Birdies

To add to my Christmas gifts this year I thought I'd make these little felt birdies.
I drew the pattern free-hand then cut it out of heavy card stock.
They're very simple, and very cute.

I enjoyed sitting down with them in front of a Christmas movie, that is, when I could! Eloise liked the pretty colours of the felt and kept trying to play with it. So I gave her a little square and that kept her happy. 

I liked the simple blanket stitch around the edges - they're by no means perfect, but it wouldn't be handmade with love if it was! I try not to dwell on the flaws or be a perfectionist.
When I do crafts, I do it because I find it fun! If it has to be 'perfect' the fun goes right out the window!

So here's a few of my finished ones. :)
Oh, and here's playtime with grandpapa!

Merry Christmas!


Celynne said...

Those are so cute! Our Christmas tree had loads of them in it when I was little, my mom made them. Except she'd gone overboard and acquired christmas patterned fabrics hah. I love that photo of your wee one with her grandpa.

Mel said...

The birdies are adorable. Merry Christmas.

Niki said...

I LOVE the birdies, they're just perfect :)

and I love the pic of grandpa and Eloise :)

Nadine said...

Your felt birdies are very cute!
Merry Christmas to you and your family!



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