About Us

My name is Jenny and my husband is Jeremie, our little posies are Eloise (4) and Madeline (newborn)
We live in a small home, but lead big lives
Jeremie and I have been trying to live a greener lifestyle, by eating real food, buying in bulk, canning/preserving, using less electricity and getting by with less.
Sometimes it can be a real pain, and tiring - but we both agree it makes for a better life.
We are very strong Christians and live a life according to our beliefs and morals Christ preached.
We attend church weekly, study God's Word and are blessed by the closeness of our Church family.
Our faith dictates our daily lives to us and inspires us to be better people and have a personal relationship with Christ.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions!

- Jenny and Jeremie


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