Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mommy Lessons Prt. 1

Mommy Lessons I've Learned So Far:

1) A (loosely) scheduled baby is a happy baby.
I was doing so well!

2) A diaper explosion will almost always happen when you're not at home, and within easy reach of a diaper or wet-wipes.
There must be a reason for this; I've yet to figure out what it is though.

3) Never fall asleep immediately; because as soon as your head hits that pillow, and you get comfortable, a soose-is-loose cry will happen.
Every. Single. Time.

4) Don't plan on eating any food while its hot, for at least 5-6 years.
It's amazing how good cold eggs can taste...

5) Constantly keep trying on clothing you think is "too big", they grow out of it while you're not looking.
I've missed so many pretty clothes this way!

6) Movie dialog is overrated.
Baby adds her own dialog, and unlike the movie, the volume cannot be controlled.

7) It doesn't matter where you go, that's where baby wants to be.
Washing dishes, doing laundry...going to the washroom, and all with an audience!

8) Don't count on wearing your first choice outfit; as baby will be sure to burble all over it as soon as you're about to leave.
The same is true for when you've just spent 20 minutes getting baby all dolled up too.

9) Never plan on being on time, guaranteed a feeding will be required as soon as you're out the door.
Make sure to thank all those wonderfully patient people who are waiting on you.

10) Stash burp blankets and soothers around the house. The best defense is a good offense.
'Nuff said.



Debbie said...

They are all lesons we have all learned,lol.

Mel said...

So funny and so true.

Vanessa said...

SO SO true Jen! But they are oh so worth it! Love ya!


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