Saturday, August 27, 2011

What Have I Started??

It all started with Jeremie and I agreeing that we simply have too much clothing.
Our dresser was packed to the point that the bottoms of the drawers were falling out, the closet was stuffed to the brim, and even two plastic bins full of more 'off season' clothing were living in the closet and basement!
Finally I had had enough.
Stuff had to go!
First though, I needed inspiration, a challenge! Something to get me burning with de-cluttering desire!
I came across this site with the "333" project.
A challenge to only use 33 items of clothing for 3 months. (excluding things like under-roo's etc.)
I happily read through lists of other challenge-takers of what they considered their most worthy 33 items to be.
As a self-proclaimed 'clothes horse' 33 items seemed veeeery steep to me, but I figured if I could get down to 66 maybe, or some other small(ish) number I'd consider it a great success.
So I started to purge; soon enough clothing was flying out of drawers and off hangers, I was trying on clothes to see how they fit my post-baby body, and the donation pile steadily grew.

Suddenly I realized: "This feels GOOD!"

It was liberating getting rid of clothes I had schlepped from closet to closet, drawer to drawer.

Soon, I only had 2 pairs of jeans instead of 5, 3 blouses that fit well instead of 6 that only fit so-so, 5 basic t-shirts I wore all the time, instead of the 8 I normally left sitting in the bottom of the drawer.
Even now I find myself thinking: "Do I really need 2 pairs of yoga pants and 2 pairs of black leggings, if I can easily do with just 1 of each?"

I am however, being careful. I'm going to store the clothes I'm unsure or hesitant to donate for at least a couple of months. If I go back for the item, it's worth keeping. If it sits in the bin for 3 months, clearly I don't need it all that much.

I am proud to say I now have in my bureau:
- 4 tank tops
- 5 t-shirts
- 2 shrugs
- 3 yoga pants
- 2 leggings
- 1 linen pant
- 2 jeans
- 1 jean capri
- 5 long sleeve t-shirts
- 4 sweaters

In my closet:
- 9 nice tops
- 2 vests
- 4 skirts
- 1 pair black pants
- 7 cardigans
- 4 dresses
- 3 coats
- 1 blazer
- 2 winter coats

Total: 62 items of clothes! Not quite 33 but that's pretty pruned down for me!
The only problem now is that it's addictive! I'm finding myself staring at my book shelf, mentally boxing up the books I don't need any more, or thinking of other homes they could go to.
I think of all the kitchen 'stuff' I have but never use and is sitting in a box in the basement.
The fabric and sewing notions I've had since college because I'm "sure I'll use it someday."

I have never been more excited to rip into my stuff and de-junk and de-clutter. To have nice, organized clean spaces, instead of piles of stuff I'm keeping for no apparent reason.

I think part of it is also attributed to the new Ikea catalogue.
I love flipping through it and seeing how organized their tiny spaces are and wishing: "if only I could re-create that, so I'd have more space for my things."
But something flipped in my head today, and instead of wishing I could go and buy more furniture to hold more stuff, a lightbulb went off and I realized that I could just simply get rid of my stuff, and then not need the Ikea furniture!
I would save money and space! It was an epiphany, I tell you.

So here's to organization, more simplicity and a less cluttered life!

- Jenny


Niki said...

Yay Jen!!! Go girl! Maybe we'll do my bookshelves on Tuesday?
Love u

ipuchan said...

Wow Jen that sounds intense. I'm about to do (another) huge purge now that i finally have access to all my things that have been in storage for over 2 years, and i've gotta say it is rather cathartic!
As for the 333 project, well i've only got one suitcase's worth of clothing, and i've been living off that for about a month now, its not actually all that hard, but it can be annoying :< "oh i wish i had that thing i used to own, it would make this outfit!" but you get over it!
now i want to count my clothing! lol.

Good luck with further purging, I love organizing so excited to do it in the new place.

Also also: I want to chat w/ you at somepoint about library studies, i have developed an interest. Love you~

Mel said...

Good for you!! I went through our coat closet and purged what didn't fit anyone. It felt great!!

Celynne said...

Hehe, it really is addictive. I need to go through all my clothes soon... I know most of my winter wardrobe is going to be much too big now and I need to make a list of things I'm going to need... once I get rid of all the stuff that no longer fits.

I'm going to have start this whole purging thing soon too... moving out west and not really sure if I'm going to bother saving or bringing much with me.


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