Friday, August 26, 2011

Eloise Marie

Eloise Marie
Born August 11, 2011
7 lbs, 4 oz

It started around 6pm, I noticed my cramps weren't going away.
My in-laws insisted that at 5 days over-due, this was probably contractions; I was afraid to admit that it could be, because I didn't want to be too disappointed when they went away.
At around 10:00pm, I realized I could start timing them, and did so until around 1:00am when Jeremie and I decided to go into the hospital to get assessed.
I still wasn't completely convinced I was going into labour.
It turned out that the obstetrics unit in the small-town hospital was full.
I was made to wait in the assessment room, where it turned out I was contracting every three minutes and was being admitted.
I was thrilled, I couldn't wait to meet my little one, whom I had been dreaming about the last nine months.

An hour and a half later I was finally given a labour room, and my Mum and sister would be arriving soon. They would stay with Jeremie and I throughout the entire labour and birth.

The nursing staff was amazing there.
I was sad at the end of every nurses shift, because I was certain the next one couldn't be as wonderful as the previous one, and with every new nurse I was proven wrong.
My mum taught me how to breathe through my contractions, and I was amazed how much the pain could be controlled by me, if I stayed calm and took deep breaths.
I laboured for 28 hours, though I did have an epidural.
In the end, little Eloise was born by emergency C-section; her heart rate was too fast, and I had been labouring for too long.
Though I held my "birth plan" very loosely, this change of plans did frighten me.
Thankfully I had both my Mother and Sister there, who had c-sections before, and my husband was my rock.
He was completely calm during the whole procedure, held my hand and told me everything was just fine, and how soon we'd see our baby.
Little did I know he was just as terrified as I was, if not more, but held it together, convincingly, for my sake.

At 4:46 am, Eloise Marie was born, and I couldn't care less how I delivered her, the important part was that she was here now.
It's now two weeks later and everyday Jeremie and I fall more and more in love with her, we are very blessed and thank God for our little miracle.
~ Jenny


Celynne said...

A darling little cupcake :) I'm so happy that you had all that love and support around you for the big event.

creatinglittlemonsters said...

She's so so adorable! Eloise is truly the perfect name. Congrats again!

Niki said...

It was a blessed and miraculous time together and you did a fantastic job!!!! Love you :)

Mel said...

Congratulations to you both. Eloise is beautiful and I love her name.

Simpleton said...

Congratulations! She is such a lovely and serene baby.

Tammy said...

Congratulations Elouise is beautiful!

Penny said...

She is gorgeous! Good job Mama and Papa!!


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