Friday, June 10, 2011

How Time Has Flown!

It's amazing to think that in just 9ish weeks, our little one will be here.

Time has flown so quickly that I am hardly able to keep up.

The move went very well and we are settled into our lovely new home. We did have a few surprises; namely the fact that our adjoining neighbours are in a heavy-metal band that like to practise in their basement, and the horrible smell that keeps omitting from ours.

Though we are beginning to believe it isn't a basement smell anymore - the previous owners had a dog that they kept crated down there.
Needless to say it wasn't kept very clean - we assumed the smell was old dog urine; and while some of it was, that wasn't the whole issue.

The basement is beginning to just smell like basement, but the obnoxious order still persists!
My mother thinks we have tom cats around, spraying the outside of the house.

Mothballs is our next form of attack, though Jeremie and I have decided to call a house-inspector to do a quick sniff-check, and perhaps tell us for sure what our issue is.

I don't want our little one living in a stinky house; the sooner we fix this the better!
Don't get me wrong though, I do love our new home. I love the extra space, the huge backyard and almost most of all; the clothesline! I have only used the dryer once since moving in, everything else has been hung on the line to dry, and I adore that smell!

I'm just starting to get the nursery ready, I have the crib, though it's yet to be put together, the wardrobe and a change table.

I've decided to re-paint the wardrobe as its this ugly dark wood - and it certainly doesn't match my white crib!
So I'm re-painting it white with robin's egg blue detailing. My colours are white, blue and a very light blush.

I think I'm starting my "nesting" stage because all I want to do is organize, clean and decorate!
I'm also trying not to drive Jeremie nuts with all my projects, he's such a good sport and always helpful; but I don't think he gets the whole hormonal "I can't help it" thing, though he is appreciating all the cleaning and cooking!



Niki said...

It has gone by fast!!! Can't wait to meet our new little granddaughter!
Love u :)

Vanessa said...

You are the cutest little expectant mama ever! Love you and Pip <3

Celynne said...

Oh noes, mystery smell! Hopefully it's nothing too difficult to be rid of.

Mel said...

9 weeks left - it will go by fast!! I hope you figure out what the mystery smell is and can find a quick solution. I love the new blog!!

Penny said...

Good to see you posting again. You appear to be blooming! =)

Anonymous said...

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