Tuesday, April 26, 2011

6 Days!

The countdown is on.
Moving day is this Sunday, and so far it looks like a lovely day of rain and cold weather.
The apartment is a mess; boxes, tape, markers lay all over the place, but I can't find a pencil to save my life.
It's really quite amazing. I know we've done a alot, the stacked boxes attest to that, but it still looks like we've done nothing but make a huge mess.

Today is clothes day - sort and pack all the clothes I won't be using in the next 5 days and get a large enough pile of donation clothing to please Remi.
It's so cute, he keeps saying: "We have too much clothing...we should donate most." But I know he means "you" when he says "we".
It's true, the majority of the clothing is mine - I just like how he tries to soften it by saying "we".

It's all gray and rainy out today, a nice stay-at-home kinda day. So at least I'm not missing anything being inside!

Better get started, have a happy Tuesday!

- Jenny


Niki said...

It will all be over and done with soon :)
Just think of you new cozy nest!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you both as you go through the business of moving and establishing your new home. Blessings. Paula

Cel said...

I know the feeling, seems like not so long ago my life was all boxes and chaos too. If ever you want unpacking company next weekend (unpacking seems to take forever?) I'd be happy to come lend a hand.

I think I'll probably wind up donating a lot of clothing too... I've lost weight again and a bunch of my summer items are now way too big. Oh clothes, how I adore ye and do not want to let go!


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