Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good News, Sad News and the In-Between

The last week and a half has been full.

It has finally just begun to settle back into routine and I am thankful for the peace.
This past Monday we said goodbye to Jeremie's Grandfather, who passed away peacefully at age 97.
Grandpa Fred was a real cornerstone of the family, and a very devoted Catholic. He loved visits and phone calls, and whenever you spoke to him, he would always say: "It's wonderful to hear your voice." "I love you so much." And would always, always end with a "God bless and keep you."

Jeremie and I had the honor of having him at our wedding, just three years ago, where he had me up and dancing, and gave a beautiful impromptu wedding speech.

He is very missed, but was so happy to move on into the Father's Glory.


Jeremie and I also had the wonderful pleasure this week of finding out that our little one is a GIRL!
I am so excited, having been feeling "girl" for a few months now.
As I enter month 6, I'm really feeling her move and thump around in there; I also think that this/next week I'll really "pop."
The pressure on my stomach has been intense, and I seem to be doubling size overnight.
Patrons at the Library are even staring to comment: "Last week I couldn't tell, but you're really starting to show now!!" Said one excited patron.

So we're thinking pink! Mum and my sister Vanessa are thrilled - so far there have only been grandsons, a little grand-daughter was a lovely surprise.

Jeremie has already admitted defeat, and knows he'll be wrapped around her little finger quite easily!

Other than that, we're still packing and preparing for the move. Just a week and a bit left!
I feel a tad overwhelmed, but am really starting to dig in now and get packing done. (Thanks Mum! ;) )

Hopefully I'll be able to update soon - but it may not be until after the move.

Have a lovely Wednesday!

- Jenny


Justine said...

I'm so glad you posted the link to your blog on fb!
I've really enjoyed reading it, and look forward to the updates.
All the best to you, Jeremie and baby Pip!

Mel said...

A girl - that is so wonderful.
I am sorry for your loss. Jeremie's grandfather sounds like a wonderful man.
Good luck with the move.

Peter said...

This is great, Jenny. Good to follow your adventures!


Brad said...

We are excited for you guys! Our first week here has been so much fun.

Fred is dearly missed, but we have a glorious resurrection to look forward to, giving us hope and peace.

"in a tiny town, with one care." - is that a modern twist on the saying, "a one horse town"?

Cel said...

Yay for a girl! Precious little cupcake. She'll get to come with us to Bus Fusion :)


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