Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring isn't the only thing that's sprung!

So, this is me at 21 weeks. Baby is roughly the length of a large Banana. I'm feeling little fluttery movements, but mostly just feeling my heart-beat very strongly in my belly.

Other news is that Jeremie and I are moving! Yes, again.
This will be the 5th time we will have moved since 2008, the year we were married. However, we'll be moving to the same small town where both my Sister and her husband, as well as my Brother and his wife are living! I love that I'll have so much support and help with the new baby.

We don't move for a few months yet - but already we're starting to pack and organize. I'm realizing I better get going soon, before I get too big to be much help. At least I'm an expert by now, all those moves come with experience!

I have no idea if I'm having a boy or girl yet - but not for lack of trying! Baby decided to be modest and have knees together and ankles crossed, and could NOT be convinced otherwise.
I have another ultrasound coming up, so I'm hoping the baby will be more compliant! I have started this embroidery piece, and am really enjoying it.
I used to do counted-cross stitch, but boy - I don't think I ever finished a piece! It's so time consuming and after awhile my interest starts to wane. With embroidery, I find that I can finish pieces quickly and have more artistic freedom.

This is Alice, from "Alice in Wonderland." I didn't draw it, but rather found artwork I liked online and simplified it into an embroidery pattern.

I'm looking forward to seeing it all finished.

Spring is almost here - the snow is more or less gone, and the Canadian Geese are honking noisily in the river beside the house. I hear them all the time, honking at each other and driving my cat insane. It's pretty funny.

I've been reading "Home Comforts: The art and science of keeping house" - It's an amazing book and I highly recommend reading it. I'll be posting soon about it.



Niki said...

Love the picture...and love you too!!!

Erin said...

I hope the move goes well. You are looking great! Take care...

Vanessa said...

Yay for blogging! I love that growing baby!!!

Mel said...

Good luck with the move. I have Home Comforts sitting on my bookshelf and am looking forward to reading it.

cntrydad said...

Can't wait to meet that little one!
Love Ya!

Cel said...

Yay, the little cupcake in the oven is rising! :) I actually used to do a lot of embroidery when I was younger, and I loved it, I have no idea why I stopped.

Penny said...

You are blossoming. =)


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