Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Bit Of A Blizzard

There is something about walking through knee-high snow, while it's falling sideways due to the wind that makes you feel so utterly Canadian.

Jeremie and I needed potatoes and broccoli for our dinner tonight, so we bundled up and trudged to the local butchers for supplies.

You know you're Canadian when you step into a blizzard and your first thought is: "Hey! It's not that cold out, only about -15!" (It was after the sun had set, so the temperature was dropping.)
I'm happy when it snows; not because I'm that partial to snow after Christmas, but because if it's snowing that means it's warm out!
At -30 degrees, it's too cold to snow! And I would much prefer the snow to that biting, freezing cold where it feels like your lungs can't expand properly, and there's a 10 minute exposed skin frost-bite warning!
The snow was more than enough to keep us in for the day!
It was lovely having Jeremie home, and being snugly in our apartment. I was able to get laundry done, make some nice chocolate chip cookies and for dinner, made Saucy Pork Chops, the easiest, most delicious way to make them, in my opinion. With them were nice red potatoes and broccoli. (The recipe is linked to my Mother's blog, where she's posted it!)
In other news I also just bought my first "nursing necklace." A nice heavy necklace with beads for the baby to play with while nursing, and hopefully will keep little Pip (our pet name for the baby) from tugging on Mommy's hair, earrings or bottom lip!
My good friend Celynne made this one for me. Everything is non-toxic and can happily be sucked on or chewed by Pip without me having to worry if (she) is ingesting anything.
Lol! No, I don't know what the sex is of the baby yet, but I'm feeling it's a girl.
Jeremie however, feels pretty certain it's a boy...well, one of us will be right!

Other than that, we have been pretty good here. Surviving the Canadian Winter, and wishing for Spring.
- Jenny


Cel said...

Snowpocalypse! I was home sick with a cold today so I didn't go outside, but me and the kitty stood watching my father shovel the drive through the picture window, hah. Crazy snow! I'm still glad you were happy with your necklace! :)

Mel said...

I would take the snow over the cold any day. The necklace is beautiful. I am sure Pip will love it.

Penny said...

The necklace is a very clever idea!

Elizabeth said...

The necklace is pretty, and it's so nice that it's non-toxic for your baby to play with. I don't think they had nursing necklaces when I was nursing babies almost thirty years ago. Or, if they did, I didn't know about it. One of my ears has a long slit where I wore big pierced earrings (It was the eighties and big was in), and one of my babies grabbed one and tugged.

Nursing is the most wonderful experience! I loved every minute of nursing and bonding with my little ones. It's nice that you have something to make such a precious time even better.


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