Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

I awoke to a grey, rainy morning today.
The sky was grey, the buildings were grey, and even the people seemed grey.
While I expected a cold drizzle, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it was actually quite warm out, even the rain felt warm.
Of course, sitting here now in damp jeans, I can't say I feel particularly comfortable.

I was tired of looking at all the grey so I went to the only colourful place I could think of that's open this early in the morning.

The local cafe.

After a nice hot chai latte and a blueberry muffin, the day has started to look brighter!

I'll be working today at the Library, I still can't believe I was so blessed to get that job. I've never been able to walk to work, especially work in my field.
I have worked in Libraries since '03, and since then have worked in governmental libraries, college libraries, small business, and public.
Public is by far my favourite! The only other place I'd like to work is perhaps in an elementary school library, I think I would really enjoy that as well.

As I'm typing I hear a voice I recognize, its the antique dealer who works down the road, whom I just bought two decorative spoon holders from the past week.

My sister and I want to start collecting spoons - my mother thinks its horrendously tacky, but I want to paint the holder a bright green or yellow and make it more "Kitsh". A lost cause? Maybe, but for three dollars I'm willing to try!

Christmas is almost here and I am starting to prepare all my Christmas gifts - as a family, we generally like to make our gifts to each other.
We have a budget, only about 20-25$ per couple.
It's not a large amount, but I'm always amazed by the ingenuity of my siblings to make that money stretch and give a wonderfully thoughtful gift!

I love Mill St. Its the main street in our town where all the stores, cafes and restaurants are.
You get to know everyone, but I'll make a new post for that later!

Tomorrow's a home day, aka cleaning day.
Friday the girls and I are heading out to Fabricland to take advantage of a huge sale and Saturday, it's more canning of Tomatoes!

Let's hope this warm weather holds so we can get more veg!

~ Jenny


Mel said...

Hi Jennie and Jeremie,
What a great idea to do a blog together. I remember reading on the Down to Earth forum that you were getting ready to move. Glad you are all settled in. I know how happy your mom is to have you closer. Love her blog by the way. Jennie - I am so jealous that you work in a library. That would be my dream job.
Best wishes.

Niki said...

love the new blog, can't wait to read Jair's first post :)
love to you both


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