Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Who We Are

My name is Jenny and my husband is Jeremie, our little bundle we call Eloise. We've been married three years - and what a three years its been!
We've moved 5 times in the last 3 years - and despite the seemingly nomadic lifestyle we've had, have finally found a place (I pray!) that we can settle.
We live in a small town, though it is quickly expanding and turning more into the city everyday.

Our apartment is two stories, with one sitting room, one bath, and two bedrooms.
We have one car, no cable and no dishwasher.
Until recently I was working in a near-by town as a Librarian; Jeremie will be going back to school full-time this September to re-train in IT.
We entertain ourselves with movies, and the Internet, I wash all our dishes by hand, and have a clothesline off of the back porch, where I hang 99% of our laundry.

Soon I'll be starting to cloth-diaper baby Eloise, and am in the process of simplifying my life and trying to live more minimalistic.

We're blessed enough to live near family, and all Fall I can and preserve on my parents farm, where they grow everything from veg, fruits to chicken, turkey, beef and of course, eggs.
My sister also lives close by, so it's normal to once a week have a family gathering or at least the women will, to swap ideas, recipes and the odd tidbit of gossip.

Jeremie and I have been trying to live a greener lifestyle, using real food, buying in bulk, canning/preserving, using less electricity and getting by with less.
Sometimes it can be a real pain, and tiring - but we both agree it makes for a better life.

So please feel free to comment or ask questions! Both of us will be posting in the future, so happy reading!

- Jenny and Jeremie


♥ Tina said...

Hello chaps! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog today, and for the poem. Just beautiful. Love your blog, I'll be back to see you again!

Love Tina :)

Anonymous said...

What is real food?

Romanseight2005 said...

This is Pam.(Romanseight2005) This is awesome. It makes me laugh too. You have no idea how much of a hippie at heart, I have been my whole life. This is another similarity.
I just told my husband that you consider yourself a hippie who's interested in whole foods and eating without preservatives. He said, "Soul sisters." I have to admit that I don't eat as well as I would like to, during the school year. I am really hurriedly busy. In the summer however, I ride my bike to the store, to do my grocery shopping. I do much better with the nuts, seeds, and fresh cooking. Cooking becomes a hobby in the summer as well. I can't wait to swap recipes, and such with you. It will likely have to wait until summer though, most of the time.
Awesome website!
Love, Pam


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