Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Is Here!

Where to begin?
This week and past weekend has been crazy - it's been full of visiting, dinners, family and a wedding of a friend of the family.

Sunday morning Jeremie and I decided on a sleep-in with a nice brunch, I meant to buy bacon earlier, but had forgotten.
At around 10:00am, I went to the local butcher in town, sadly, I noticed there was no glowing "open" sign and it looked dark inside. Frowning, I realized that they didn't open 'till noon!
That didn't help much, it wouldn't be a "brunch" at all!

Suddenly I recognized one of the ladies that worked there waving fanatically at me and making "come in" motions. Smiling, I pulled on the door she opened for me.

"I thought you were closed!" I said.

"Well, we are, but I'm ready enough to open for you." She grinned back.

While we're not more that acquaintances, Laurie and I have seen each other all the time, I buy milk, staples and sometimes meat there (I get most from my folks ~ Thanks Mum and Pop!) so we recognize each other pretty easily.
As I walked out with my fresh peameal bacon, or what our American neighbours call "Canadian bacon" - I remembered why I love living in this small town so much.

I'm used to small-town kindness, but have never lived in one long enough to have the butcher call out to me by name and ask about my week, or have the local cafe know my order before I say a word.

It's an amazing blessing - and I love it here.

This previous week I have been visiting with my sister and her family - we had a "girls night" (plus the nephews) while Jeremie, Dad and my brother-in-law, Cory were at my brother, Jonathan's, bachelor party.
They paint-balled most of the day, and at final count, Jon was up to 55 welts. He agreed to "run the gauntlet" and get pelted by a barrage of men with paintball guns.

Nothin' like male bonding eh? :D

The girls and I watched "Lost in Austen" a mini series about a young London woman, obsessed with Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudiced" and somehow finds a door to that world!
It completely drew me in, and I LOVED it.
I sat in front of it with my Christmas gift projects and hardly noticed the work my hands were doing! (Can't go into too much detail, as certain people may be reading this!)

I found this lovely mirrored print at the local used store for 2$! I love it something fierce, and am still deciding where to hang it. (Though it was quite the pain to take a photo of a mirror!!)

A busy week awaits me - more shifts at the Library, and another busy weekend on the horizon. This weeks goals include:
- Getting the eternal housework finished.
- Finishing Christmas project and starting baby project for my sis-in-law out west.
- Pack away summer clothes/air out winter clothes.
- Hang up hooks for winter coats.
- Put together shelves for the craft room (Jeremie!)
- Maybe make some freezer meals.

Wish me luck!

~ Jenny

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Niki said...

LuckLuckLuck! We have to buy lost in austen,,, we all love it :)


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