Thursday, January 2, 2014

Beginning a Whole New Year

It's January second today, and as I write this I hear Eloise playing downstairs and a spoon hitting the side of a mug as my wonderful hubby makes me more tea.
I am sick - I somehow avoided all the bugs and virus' hanging around since the beginning of the season only to fall prey to a common winter cold.
Eloise has been sick with this cold for a few days now, and while she's on the mend, all the cuddling and loving we've done together was the perfect opportunity for me to catch it from her.

I have spent all day in bed; I cannot remember the last time I was able to do this and while the break is lovely, it certainly makes me a little antsy as well. However it's given me lots of time to think; to think about this past year, the peaks and valleys, the blessings and the struggles and about what the coming year might hold.

When it comes to a New Year I am ever the optimist, certain that this year will be better than the last.
This has been a real growing year for me, in so many ways.
I can see a difference from the person I was a year ago, to the person I am now.

Life experience has a way of doing that, and I think that I am, perhaps, just a bit better than I was.
God set a path for me to take this past year, and though I was blind to the lessons while I was walking it, I can look back with better clarity and say: "Yes, I can see that now."
I feel that I've really learned to pray, and to really, sincerely, trust in Him when I do not know the answer, or my next step to take.
I've had to fall to my knees many times, praying that I continue to do His will and for guidance and strength when I feel confused or upset.

And every day I am reminded of the many, many blessings in my life.

A whole new year stretches before me, full of unknowns, but I am not worried, my path has been set, all I must do is walk it.


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Cel said...

I have to admit I envy people who have the ability to put their faith in the Lord. My words with Him have been few and far between these past few years but the events in my life haven't really given me cause to have much faith or trust. I totally understand what you mean about feeling like a different person though, evolving into who we need to be to get where the Universe wants us, and being able to notice and witness that change and even embrace it is pretty grand and exciting, if frightening at times too.


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