Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cloth Diapers

I remember when my sister went crazy for her cloth diapers.
All she wanted to do was show me her new diapers, covers, laundry detergent and wet bags.
Of course, at the time I couldn't understand why anyone would be so excited to use and clean what her baby was doing all his smelly business in.

This is no longer the case. When Eloise turned four months I tried some of my sisters cloth diapers, I found they soaked too much, and were a pain to take on and off.
I was discouraged enough by the whole thing that I decided it just 'wasn't for me.'

This went on for a few more months until I saw a friend using "Flip" diapers with pre-fold inserts.
It looked easy and clean enough, I like that you could re-use the cover, plus, was it just me, or did they get cuter looking??

So I went to a local cloth diaper store and excitedly took a "sample" of a bunch of different types of diapers. I found out what didn't work (fitted motherease) what kinda worked (pocket diapers) and what I LOVED. My flip diapers with inserts.
Now I was the one spouting off words like "pre-folds", "AIO's" and "Stripping liners" without so much as batting an eye.
My sister grinned at me as I told her: "I've never been so excited about something Ella poops in."

I can't say I'm a complete convert, as I only cloth diaper during the day, but I love being able to wash and re-use them. Not having to buy box after box of non-deteriorating diapers, and well, there's all the pretty covers too!

I haven't had any issues yet with bum rash; Eloise seems just as comfortable in them as any disposable, and I just do a simple cold-water rinse with a hot-water wash, using Nellie's detergent.

Now it's my husband who keeps looking at me oddly every time I go off about how cute my diapers are are and "don't you just love them?!?"



Celynne said...

My cousin has been using cloth diapers with her 18 month old son since nearly day 1. Personally I wouldn't have it in me to deal with that, but I don't have it in me to be a mom either haha, I'll leave all that awesome stuff to ladies with the gumption to do it. I'll stick around to save ya'll from spiders and whatnot instead :D

futurehope said...

adorable. I LOVE cloth diapering. have done it with my son for 18 mos. now, and in a few more weeks (when my daughter is born) I will have two in cloth. It's so much easier than it looks though, and the cuteness is just over the top! glad your having fun with it! :)

ps. if she ever gets a rash I have found tea tree oil to be affective most of the time and it doesn't harm the diapers (rash creams do!)...

happy diapering!


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