Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Little Eloise

This movie could've easily been hours long.
As it is, it's only a few minutes. :)

The most adorable baby in the world!!
(not that I'm biased or anything)
P.s. Watch out for her "turtle face"


Niki said...

she's so CUTE!!! I just want to KISS her!!!
delish :)

Celynne said...

Awww I grinned the whole way through. Your giggling is as cute as she is :D

FieryVulpine said...

"(not that I'm biased or anything)"

Well, I don't think I ever met a parent that wasn't biased towards their children. I would be concerned if you left any other way. :P

It's Patrick BTW, and yes I'm on Blogger.

Janel said...

She is absolutely adorable!

Janel said...

This is C2W btw. :)

Anonymous said...

How sweet! Don't you just love all the faces they make at this age? :) - FaithPrevails

Anonymous said...

She is way too cute Jenn!!!! Dakota was watching and she really wants to hold her. We really miss you guys!! Praying that God continues to bless you and your little family!!

Love: Sam, Dakota, Keinen, and Keith :)

Mel said...

Absolutely adorable.


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