Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Seasonal Musings

Today is another gorgeous fall day.
The air smelled beautiful, so I whipped open all my windows and aired out the apartment.
I've started in the mornings to pull back my blankets and sheets, and open the window to give them some freshening up. Then later go back and make my bed.
This keeps the sheets smelling great!

While cleaning, I threw in a Joni Mitchell CD, and found that she's "Autumn" music.
You know how we all have Christmas music? Well, I tend to have seasonal music.
Winter, I tend to listen to more Classical.
Summer I enjoy my 60's Acid Pop, like Strawberry Alarm Clock and Donovan.
Spring is Soft Rock.
Fall is Folk Music.

I don't really know why, but over the last few years, I've started to see a pattern; so Joni really fit the bill!

I gave P.J. a bath today - and I wish I had thought to take a photo! But it was difficult enough trying to keep her in the tub, rub in shampoo and rinse; then put her on the counter to be brushed and hair blow dried!
She was great though, despite a few foiled escape attempts, all she did was mew pitifully and look at me with huge big eyes.
Jeremie and I don't believe in de-clawing, even for an indoor cat; so she could've done some real damage if she wanted to - but we're lucky to have such a chill cat.
(also, I found out it isn't all fur. She really is just fat.)

Ask Mum and she'll tell you that I've been crazy over this book and want to start doing some small-batch canning. I've done canning plenty of times with Mum, but that was big bushel after bushel of tomato canning, and it's quite the operation - so I've always felt a little intimidated by preserving.
This book is gonna help me fix that!

I'm going to grab Mum and my sis, Nessa to come over and help me make some small batches of jellies, jams and preserves.
We'll do it at my place, so I'm comfy and hopefully be able to split some nice preserves later!

My wish list is:
Peach Lavender Jam
Autumn Fruit Jam
Apple Cider Cinnamon Jelly
Spiced Apple Jelly
Blood Orange Port Marmalade
Mango Marmalade
Traditional Rumtopf
I know it's a lot, and I doubt I'll get it all done - but that's what I would love to have in my pantry!

The three of us have a lot of projects that we'll be setting days for this weekend at a family potluck.

Our list of things to accomplish are:
- Soap making
- Candle making
- Freezer meals
and I want to try making Cheese if we have the time for it.

All spring and summer is garden chores, early to late fall is harvesting season, so Winter is when we get to start our fun projects like the ones listed above.
All of this should be done before Christmas as we like to spread it around as gifts.
I'll keep you updated!

- Jenny


Anonymous said...

What a great list. Can't wait to see what you get done!! Have fun!!

Penny said...

I'm going to request this title from my library. Putting up in small batches would suit me best.

Jenny said...

Mel, I'll make sure to post pics! (of all the goods and the flops. ;) )

I really loved this book, it explains everything so simply and the recipes look delicious!
Happy canning!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea, having music for the seasons! Thank you for visiting my blog today and for the poem! Love, Tina :)


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