Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mommy Lessons Prt. 2

Mommy Lessons I've Learned So Far, Continued

11) Mommy's food is always preferable.
It doesn't matter that she just ate a huge bowl of the same meal pureed. The food on Mommy's plate is where it's at.

12) Diaper changes cut into valuable playtime, and escaping while bare bottomed is always hilarious.
She can crawl amazingly fast while half-naked, probably because she's less 2lbs.

13) The t.v. remote is more fun than any other toy.
Way more fun that a toy, slightly more fun than the phone and TONS of fun when all the electronics shut off at the same time when the power button is pushed.

14) Standing in the tub is the ultimate thrill.
Mostly because I have to keep saying "on your bum" and sitting her down, just to have her laugh and pop back up again.

Flecks on the carpet. grass, twigs, shells on the beach, rocks, mommy's face and the odd time, even food.

16) Kitchen cupboards and drawers are much more fun to play in than the toy chest.
Throwing towels, hot plates, utensils, pots and pans are much more exciting - plus they have the added benefit of making WAY more noise.

17) Kisses can make anything feel better. 
But we all know that.

18) Dropping a nap can be a good thing!
Just no sleeping after 4pm or that little party animal will be up 'till midnight.

19) "Baby Einstein" can be a lifesaver. 
Need 20-30 minutes to do a task? Pop that baby in, and get 'er done.

20) Board books are an awesome teether.
I have board books used just as chew toys and are full of little tooth dents.


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Niki said...

So true!! You're gettin' smarter everyday :)


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