Friday, December 2, 2011

The Baby Won't Sleep Blues

My Friday nights sure have changed.
It's 11:00pm, and all I want to do is go to bed and sleep, it seems though I have a little party animal on my hands; and she is ready to keep on partying until midnight, at least.
Right now she's wiggling and talking beside daddy on the couch, watching hockey.
She's been giving me "tired" signs since before 10:00pm, and I thought for the briefest of moments that I had finally gotten her down for the night.
She fell asleep on daddy's chest, we moved her to the crib and she slept.
Beautiful, restful sleep.
45 minutes later, the hungry cry came. I fed her, she fell asleep on me, so I put her back to bed.
Nope! We were awake now!

Eloise will continue to party until she literally cannot keep her little eyelids open. (Though she keeps lifting her eyebrows, thinking that will lift her eyelids, it's pretty funny.)
This has been the routine for a couple of weeks now, and while she does sleep in until 9am, I would much rather be up by 7am, and go to bed at 10pm.

I've scoured my babywise and baby whisperer, but nothing has seemed to help.

Eloise is so good with her naps, but to go down for the night has been a struggle, and I can't figure out why.
I'm also so surprised at how midnight seems like such an ungodly hour to be awake, but when I didn't have a child it was the norm to be up that late regularly.

Yes, the times sure have changed!

Any suggestions how to get her down for the night at a more reasonable hour? I'd love to hear them!



Niki said...

lol...Dad and I were just saying the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! She is just perfect :)

Jenny - Small town Hippies said...

Perfect, but likes to stay up late!! :D

Anonymous said...

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naturesmother said...

My second daughter was just the same. Hubby and I starting getting stressed at her, at each other, even thought about letting her cry it out. Until one day we decided to just enjoy her, and let her play while we yawned away on the sofa, trying desperately to keep our eyes open. We spoke of the days sometime way in the future when we may miss having her around, and we began to sit and watch her smile, learn and explore. As soon as we accepted that she was going to be about in the evenings and started enjoying it, rather than stressing about how we may change it, she started settling. Her bedtime crept earlier and earlier, and now at 18 months, she is in bed by 7.30 most nights.

Good luck, it's not always easy! Love your blog too! xxx

Margaret said...

Although I think she is doing just great, and this is wonderful for a baby this age. If you are really, really sure you want to try and switch her schedule - consider two things - maybe after Christmas would be better to make the switch, over the holidays you may not mind that she is going to bed later and getting up later. Also these things take time and a new routine it may not work for a few days...these things take time sometimes, you may have to persevere for a bit until she is switched over.
To switch her schedule, wake her up earlier in the morning (oh my) and keep her busy until you want her to nap, then let her nap, keep going this way throughout the day, then start your entire night time routine earlier, i.e. supper, bath, whatever your thing is you do, then have Dad warm up the car nice and warm - get her all ready for bed - but put her in the car(in the car seat of course) - drive around until she is sleeping very, very well, and then slip her into the house into her bed as quietly as possible - no noise anywhere else in the house - hopefully she will stay asleep - be prepared to do the same thing again for a few nights in a worked for Wilson, of course then mine didn't sleep through the night until they were between 4 and 5 years old, but they did eventually go to bed earlier than midnight. Good luck. Sincerely, Margaret


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