Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Fall

Happy Fall My Friends!

The leaves have all turned here.
They are either bright yellow, red or brown and crunching underfoot. The air is fresh and cool, and I find myself throwing open windows to try and perfume our apartment with the crisp fall scent.

Our little Eloise is getting so large! Here she is in one of her last "warm weather" outfits. She's been living in those fuzzy sleepers mostly and I feel better knowing she is warm and comfortable.
In other Eloise-related news; she has officially moved into the nursery. I shall try to post pictures of it soon, but I admit it presently is quite a disorganized mess.
She is sleeping well in her crib, and I found my eyes a little misty as I packed up her small cradle that has been sitting by my bedside since before her birth.
We have reached another stage in her 'babyhood' and I'm in constant amazement how quickly its flying by.

My darling Husband has hung these hooks for me by the front door.
We didn't really have closet space in our entryway/living area of the house, so these hooks have been wonderfully handy.
I think they look quite pretty!

I've been re-reading through Beatrix Potter's books.
Eloise was gifted the first 11 from Grandma and Grandpa. She loves the illustrations and will happily stare at them and coo. A love we both share; here are some of my sketches of her wonderful characters.
We have also been very much enjoying: "A Child's Garden of Verses" by Robert Louis Stevenson.
She lays on the couch, and I prop up the book so she can see the pictures while I read his poems to her.
The rise and fall of my voice and the repetition of verse keep her very entertained.

I've also been working on some embroidery.
I'm making up the pattern as I go along, and just doing it for my own enjoyment.
I have an interest in crewel work, but am having trouble finding crewel thread, as it's thicker than embroidery (which itself is becoming scarce.)  
I'm afraid that these skills, cross-stitch, embroidery, crewelwork and rug hooking are fading away.
It's becoming more and more difficult and expensive to get supplies, and I don't know anyone else that does embroidery.
I am determined to do my part in keeping some of these traditional crafts alive.

I hope you all are having a lovely week, and have a happy weekend!


Celynne said...

Yay, Beatrix Potter! I have unflagging enthusiasm for that woman's work. (Clearly since I did my Kid'd Lit project on it hehe, oh the memories!) I love embroidery work, I used to do it a lot in my early teens but then fell into my funky years and dropped it. I should pick it up again... Although I'm industriously working away at a queen sized quilt at the moment so I probably shouldn't divide my attention any more than it is hah. I've never even heard of crewelwork before, had to google it, guess I just assumed it was all embroidery.

I've actually got a load of nice embroidery thread my grandmother passed me. If I ever get my butt out there somehow, I'll bring it to you so you can use it, instead of it just sitting in my spare room.

I do agree it's a shame these lovely arts and skills are fading away. I tell people I'm making a quilt and they seem so amazed. I think the problem is folks are too glued to their iPhones and PS3's and what-have-you's to take the time (because it takes a lot of it) and effort to learn and perfect these ever so enjoyable and fulfilling activities.

Jenny - Small town Hippies said...

You are very right about people being glued to their technology.
Please post some pictures of your quilt-in-progress! Crewelwork is a lot like embroidery, just "thicker", it was actually really popular in the 70's.
I remember your lit project! It was lovely!!
We really do need to get together soon, I forget, are you still in Chinatown?

Celynne said...

Yup, still in Chinatown. I'm two blocks from Bronson and Somerset. Downtown is my habitat now hah. Good thing I can walk to work/grocery store/library etc from here.

Mel said...

There is nothing more beautiful than the colors of fall.

Teri said...

Hey Jenny, Happy New Year! I've been looking at your blog today and yes, you do know someone who does embroidery. You also know someone who has a stockpile of crewel wool and would be willing to share. What colours do you need?
Loving you still, Teri


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