Thursday, September 29, 2011

Those Little Reminders

It's funny how helpful those little reminders are.
I've been wanting to memorize inspiring or helpful Bible verses for a while now, but found it difficult to do so.
I remembered it being suggested to put up the verses you're trying to memorize around the house. That way you see them all the time.

So with my little index cards handy, I quickly wrote up a few of my favourites and deposited them around the house.
I have three in the kitchen: one above the stove, sink and on the fridge.

I have one in the washroom, and another by the light switch in our bedroom.
It's been really helping me to remember them, and have already popped into my head more than once to be a reminder of God's promises.

And here's a picture of a sleeping baby because she's beautiful. <3
I hope you all are having a good day!

~ Jenny


Niki said...

Great idea! And I just can't wait to cuddle that girl tomorrow!!!

Celynne said...

Good idea! I do kinda the same... except I just keep the fortune cookie fortunes that relate to me on my fridge :p I can say it a thousand times and it not be enough but holy crow she's cute!

Anonymous said...

You are so cute! Love you blog also and glad you found me...keep in touch! That baby is beautiful!

Jenny -


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