Friday, September 9, 2011

Little Victories

Today has been a good day.
A day full of "little victories."
I've learned since having Eloise, that nothing is as easy as it once was.
Even having a shower is more difficult, as I'm listening for cries, have the light in the bathroom off because of the noise of the fan and remembering to actually wash my hair in the 3 minutes I've allotted myself.
Today though, I'm focusing on all the things I have been able to do.
Like: Get the laundry out.

Nothing smells as good as laundry fresh off the line.
Eloise and I had a good night last night.
We were only up twice last night, though didn't quite get to bed until midnight.
Still I count it a victory.
Adorable eh?
It turns out she adores music.
I have it playing constantly in the background, and if not music, talk radio.
Her big hits right now are my "Romantic Classical Music" cd, and my Praise cd's.
It's actually very nice and uplifting playing that soft music in the morning.
It sets the mood for the day.

I finally organized my entertainment unit.
It was stuffed to the brim full of junk.
Now I have just what I need, and love the extra space.
I haven't decided what to put in the empty cubby yet, but I'd like to put something decorative or pretty there.
Something to compliment the typewriter beside it.
I still have to think about it!

My list of to-do's still include tidying the bedroom, cleaning the kitchen and folding/putting away the clothes.
And because it's such a beautiful day, I think Eloise and I will go for a walk to the library!

Have a wonderful Friday!

1 comment:

Celynne said...

Oh, an idea of what to put in the cubby! How about a dried bouquet of flowers and feathers? Feathers to quill to writing to type writer, heh. And I just love a nice dried bouquet (I still have yours, from your wedding).

I'm busy the next two weekends, but then I will get back to you about visiting the wee cupcake.


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